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        Taste the election office Partaker

        Testing Progress For Partaker Mini PC


        NUC whole series of products shipped function testing process

        Note: This table features the whole shipment inspection process must match the appearance of the whole shipment inspection records table using function.

        Test items

        Verification step

        Reference test image

        (Red box Special Considerations)






        1. Check whether the color requirements of business orders;

        The test sample machine black chassis

        2, view chassis surface nicks, bruises and the like;

        3. Check whether the front panel interface screen skew or error;

        4, the screws are a flower;

        5, the switch identifies the key direction is consistent with the logo screen switch direction;

        6, whether the interface board protruding front surface of the panel.

        7, sides and front panel glass PVC paste anti whether or shedding phenomenon;

        8, three board fixed screws are matter and dispensing;

        If the order needs to be installed WIFI module, the antenna may not be on the sleeve;

        9, WIFI antenna is installed, whether the end of the antenna on the casing;

        10 See Order accessories are already installed, such as: memory, SATA hard disk, WIFI, etc.

        Orders have a memory, SATA hard disk, WIFI module and other accessories, you need to check the brand, model, whether the appearance of the new;