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        Inctel Technology Co.,Ltd

        Mini PC

        Taste The Fine Art Mini PC by Partaker

        Partaker B1 Mini PCPartaker B1 Fanless Desktop Computer Mini PC With Intel Core i3 5005U Windows 10 Free WiFi HDMI Cable

        CPU: Intel 5th Gen i3-5005U Dual Core 4 Threads
        Operation System:Windows, Linux, Ubuntu, Openelec, Kodi
        Interface:4*USB3.0 2*USB2.0, 1*Gigabit Lan, 1*HDMI
        Wireless:300M Wifi with dual antennas
        Case Material:Aluminium alloy case

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        Model B1 i5 4200U /CPU i3 5005U/CPU i5 5250U/CPU i7 5550U

        Onboard Intel Core i5 4200U 1.6GHz Max 2.6GHz(Turbo boost Technology)Dual Core 4 thread

        CPU i3 5005U/CPU i5 5250U/CPU i7 5550U

        Clock Speed 1.6GHz(100MHz x 16.0)
        Turbo clock Speed 2.6GHz
        Processor Number 2 core/ 4 threads
        Core code Haswell
        Technique 22nm
        L1 data cache 2 * 32 KB, 8-Way, 64 byte lines
        L2 code cache 2 * 32 KB, 8-Way, 64 byte lines
        L3 cache 3 MB, 12-Way, 64 byte lines
        Characteristic MMX, SSE, SSE2, SSE3, SSSE3, SSE4.1, SSE4, AVX2.0,  SSE4.2, HTT…
        BIOS AMI BIOS, ACPI supported,
        Support call on function automatically,
        Motherboard Intel SHARKBAY(Intel Haswell-ULT)
        Memory Type
        2GB/4GB/8GB/16GB DDR3L 1.35V Voltage
        DDR3L-1600, DD3L-1333, LPDDR3-1600, LPDDR3-1333
        Storage SSD: 8GB/16GB/32GB/64GB/128GB/256GB
        HDD: 80GB/160GB/320GB/500GB/750GB/1TB
        Operating System Windows (OEM) or Linux
        Graphic Cards Intel Haswell- ULT Integrated Graphics Controller
        Intel HD Graphics 4400(200~1000MHz)
        Audio Cards ALC662 sound chip, 6-channel
        Intel Panther Point HDA
        Network card RTL8168E PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet NIC
        Ethernet 10/100/1000 BaseT LAN
        WIFI With dual antenna, 802.11.b/g/n(150M or optional 300M)
        I/O Ports
        Display port 1* VGA + 1 * HDMI
        USB port 4* USB 3.0, 2 * USB2.0
        SATA port 1 * MSATA3.0, 6Gb/s; 1 * SATA3.0 , 6Gb/s
        MINI PCIE 1 * MSATA SSD, 1 * WiFi module
        Ethernet port RJ45 10/100/1000 Mbps Adaptive
        Power input port 1 inner diameter 2.5mm,external diameter 5.5mm
        Audio port Standard 3.5 Audio input and output
        Power and Working Environment
        Input DC100-240V AC/50-60Hz
        Output DC 12V/3A
        Consumption 15W
        Noise Fanless System
        Temperature 0-70 Centigrade
        Relative Humidity 10%~90%(non-condensing)
        Function Hyper-Threading, Virtualization technology, 64 bit computing
        Product Dimension&Details
        Size 197*197*29MM
        Weight 2.5KG
        Case Thickness 2.9MM
        Shell Silver
        Package Box Neutral Color Box or INCTEL Color Box
        Content Mini PC device, Power Adapter, Desk base, Antennas (For Optional)

        Mini PC With Intel Core I5 4200u I3 4010u 5005uMini PC With Intel Core I5 4200u I3 4010u 5005uMini PC With Intel Core I5 4200u I3 4010u 5005uMini PC With Intel Core I5 4200u I3 4010u 5005uMini PC With Intel Core I5 4200u I3 4010u 5005u PCMini PC With Intel Core I5 4200u I3 4010u 5005uMini PC With Intel Core I5 4200u I3 4010u 5005uMini PC With Intel Core I5 4200u I3 4010u 5005u

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        yingketeer 2018-04-08
        Hello Dear , if you want to mount B1 to your monitor , firstly you need have mount bracket ,and screws ,if no ,suggest you purchase vesa . Best regards Cassie
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        yingketeer 2017-12-27
        Hello Dear, Nice talking with you ~ Hope you are doing well ~ Yes you are right ~ works as described Best regards Cassie
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        Perfect products ~worth to buy ~
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        very nice seller ~ recommend ~
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