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        Inctel Technology Co.,Ltd

        Mini PC

        Taste The Fine Art Mini PC by Partaker

        Partaker B5 Fanless PC N3160 N3150 J3160 Ship by randomPartaker B5 Fanless Desktop Computer Mini PC N3150 With Dual Lan Dual HDMI Free WiFi Barebone Max 8G RAM

        Type: Mini PC
        Brand Name: Partaker
        Products Status: Stock
        Processor Model: N3150
        Processor Graphics: Intel HD Graphics
        Lan Ports:2 LAN Ports
        Wireless:300M Wifi with dual antennas
        Feature:Fanless System 0.00dB
        Processor Main Frequency: 2.08Ghz
        Case: Brushed Alloy Case, 16*12*3.7CM

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        Partaker B5 Fanless Desktop Computer Mini PC N3150 N3050 With Dual Lan Dual HDMI Free WiFi Barebone Max 8G RAM


        1. This PC is with Intel Celeron N3150 4 Core 4 Threads Processor, one Channel Memory Max 8GB DDR3L 1.35V Memory(Not 1.5V DDR3 RAM).

        2. Barebone System means without RAM and without Storage(HDD or SSD), only can work after installed memory and storage. We can't preinstall OS for you with the System. If you dont know how to install the Memory and Storage,  welcome to contact our Pre-sales about User Manual of Mini PC or pls buy the PC with memory and Storage from us directly. It can be pre-installed OS well before delivery and you can use the PC directly after receipt.
        3. Fanless System without cooling fan, no any noise, 0.00dB
        4. Non-plane Full Brushed Aluminum Alloy Case, only 37MM body thickness, only Silver color.
        5. The Power Plugs will be sent based on The Buyer's country. So don’t worry about inapplicability.


        Free Operating System: Default installed our activated OEM cracked version(not genuine, works good)Windows English for free, other languages can be selected among: Russian,Spanish,Portuguese,French,German,Arabic,Italian,Japanese,Turkish,Greek etc.  Please inform us which language you want to install, defalut is english version. Other systems we can install free are like Linux, XBMC(Kodi), Ubuntu, Openelec etc if you need. Seller is irresponsible and makes no compensation for cracked system.

        Accessories as Ram, SSD, HDD, we use famous brand: Ram-Samsung, Hynix,Micron,Kingston DDR3L 1600MHz SO-DIMM etc, SSD-Samsung,ADATA,Micron, Kingston, Toshiba etc, HDD-HGST, WD, Seagate etc. What brand we use depends on our test and our stock. Generally we use Msata SSD installed on Mpcie port and leave the SATA port blank for you to install 2.5'' SSD/HDD.


        Model B5 N3050/ N3150
        Processor On board Intel Celeron N3050/ N3150 1.6GHz Max 2.08 GHz (Turboboost Technology) 4 Core 4 thread
        OperatingSystem Windows 10/ Windows 7/ Windows 8/ Linux
        Storage SSD:8GB/16GB/32GB/64GB/128GB/256GB/512GB
        Memory 2GB/4GB/8GB DDR3L 1.35V Voltage
        MemoryType DDR3L-1600
        Motherboard Intel SHARK BAY(IntelHaswell-ULT)
        CPU Intel Celeron N3050 N3150
        ClockSpeed 1.6GHz(100MHzx16.0)
        TurboclockSpeed 2.08GHz
        ProcessorNumber 4 core/ 4 threads
        Corecode Haswell
        Technique 14nm
        L1datacache 2*32KB,8-Way,64bytelines
        L2codecache 2*32&KB,8-Way,64bytelines
        L3cache 3MB,12-Way,64bytelines
        Characteristic MMX,SSE,SSE2,SSE3,SSSE3,SSE4.1,SSE4,AVX2.0,SSE4.2,HTT…
        BIOS AMI BIOS,ACPI supported,support callon function automatically,Wake-On-LAN
        Function Hyper-Threading,Virtua lization technology,64 bit computing
        GraphicCards Intel Haswell-ULT Integrated Graphics Controller
        Intel HD Graphics(320~640MHz)
        AudioCards ALC662 sound chip,6-channel
        Intel Panther Point HDA
        Networkcard RTL8168 EPCI-E Gigabit Ethernet NIC
        Ethernet 10/100/1000BaseTLAN
        WIFI With dual antenna,802.11.b/g/n
        Displayport 1*VGA+1*HDMI or 2*HDMI
        USBport 4*USB3.0,2*USB2.0
        SATAport 1*MSATA 3.0,6Gb/s;
        MINIPCIE 1*MSATASSD,1*WiFi;module
        Ethernetport RJ4510/100/1000MbpsAdaptive
        Powerinputport 1 inner diameter 2.5mm,external diameter 5.5mm
        Audioport Standard 3.5 Audio input and output
        Power and WorkingEnvironment
        Input DC100-240VAC/50-60Hz
        Output DC12V/3-6A
        Consumption 6W
        Noise Fanless System
        Temperature 0-70 Centigrade
        Humidity 10%-90%

        Partaker B5 Fanless PCPartaker B5 Fanless PCPartaker B5 Fanless PCPartaker B5 Mini PCPartaker B5 Mini PCPartaker B5 Mini PCPartaker B5 Mini PC

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          Partaker B5...

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        yingketeer 2019-08-20
        Yes it comes with 12v Power supply
      3. d
        yingketeer 2019-04-01
        Hello Dear , Thanks for your feedback ~ Yes it can install 802.11ac wifi ,Motherboard have one pice slot , Best regards Cassie
      4. d
        yingketeer 2018-08-03
        Thanks for your positive evaluation ~ We already sent mail to you ~ Pls check your mail Regards Cassie
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        anonymous user 2018-08-02
        Great product, and great value for the money! I am using it as a stand-alone music server. Right now it has a 250GB Samsung mSATA SSD main drive, and the 256GB SSD drive that shipped with the unit as additional internal storage. There is also a 600GB HDD NAS. Perhaps you can tell me the maximum size of mSATA main drive that I can use? Would it be 512GB, or could I use the 1TB Samsung mSATA SSD as the main/boot drive?
      6. d
        yingketeer 2018-05-30
        Hello Dear , Nice talking with you ~ Hope you are doing well ~ Any problems ,can you send mail to me Awaiting for your kindly reply soon ~ Best regards Cassie
      7. d
        yingketeer 2018-05-14
        Hello Dear, Nice talking with you ~ Hope you are doing well ~ Did you purchase this model ? Any problems ,pls send mail to me , Best regards Cassie
      8. d
        yingketeer 2017-12-22
        Hello Dear, Nice talking with you ~ Hope you are doing well ~ This model has 2 types ,one have 1 lan ,another have 2 lan You can choose one depend on your requirements , I will wait for your kindy reply soon ~ Best regards Cassie
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