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        Inctel Technology Co.,Ltd

        Mini PC

        Taste The Fine Art Mini PC by Partaker

        Partaker Zero Client Thin Client R1Cloud Terminal RDP10 Quad Core 2.0Ghz Processor 1GB RAM HDMI VGA

        Processor Main Frequency:Quad-core 2.0Ghz
        Memory Capacity:≤ 128MB
        Processor Model:ARM A9
        Hard Drive Capacity:≤ 40GB
        Graphics Card Type:Integrated Card
        Embedded O/S:Embedded Linux 3.0 Kernel

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        Why choose R1:

        1. HVDP(RDP 10 with RemoteFX), Support 1080P full screen HD video.
        2. High performance with Affordable from Original manfacturer factory!
        3. can offer users with the same PC experience(all data will be saved in host).
        4. Zero maintain cost.
        5. Data and information security
        6, hardware combine with management software, one key to deploy, one key to upgrade. That makes administratorsvery easy to configure, control and upgrade all zero clients.
        7. Can apply for School,Office,Factory,Multi-media,ADs, Educational institutions
        Turn 1 PC into 2,3,4.....100 users!

        Zero client are Widely used in School Computer labs, Libraries, Small and Medium Enterprises, Hospitals, Hotels,Factory Computer Control Rooms, Government Centers,Call Centers,etc.
        We offer an economical and eco-friendly solution for computer equipment of businesses, schools, libraries, hospitals and other institutions.
        Cloud computer R1 is a good choice for:
        1.Computer Digital Libraries
        2.Educational Institutions
        3.Solar Computer Applications
        4.Schools, Computer Labs
        5.Small, Medium, Business & Office Applications
        6.Manufacturing Industries & Much More
        7.Computer Education for Rural Areas

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